They said he has parvo. he has improved and has been drinkin on his own and eatin he keeps tryin to play fight, he's back to his normal self. :(. I can't keep them apart 24 hours a day. Please help! When I went out to get her she was throwing up. I am so happy if this article helps any puppy to live! Tonilee Materas from Worcester, Massachusetts on March 01, 2014: As of 2/28/14 my mixed breed puppy of 4 months old " Cody" started throwing up vile that night I thought he just ate something bad then the next day he started throwing up more in the morning he looked lethargic weak his eyes were glossy he smelled really bad and he wouldn't eat or drink and I knew it was signs of parvo so I had a can of baby formula and started feeding it to him with a syringe by mouth as I was doing that he wasn't throwing it back up soo about 8 hours later he started getting up playing and chewing on his milk bone but he still wont eat or. If you can't get store bought Pedialyte right away, use this recipe to make it home made: Don't forget to give the Pepto-Bismol (or generic equivalent) every hour or 2 - give 1/2 teaspoon each time. If you can not afford it, just keep giving fluids and pepto until the puppy gets better, usually about 7-10 days or so. to Karina5112 - I am sending you an email, ok? Always bleach your puppies whelping area, keep traffic to a minimum, and never allow your puppy to interact with outside dogs until they have received their second set of shots. I have a very big yard so its gonna take a lot of bleach :/. I assumed he had gotten into something like he has so many times before. This is the best way to do that. Have been givin him his milk and than more water. It works. Your pet can also be infected by parvovirus present in the soil or environment. Hydration​ The first remedy on this list is making sure your dog is hydrated. Or get your vet to give you some IV fluids for him - you can do it yourself twice a day. We can't afford to take him in to be treated, and he's dropped most of his body fat in a matter of 12 hours. If anybody could help me out and give me some tips or something i would really appreciate it!!!! Be sure to wait at least 24 hours after the last vomiting to feed any food. It was no fun, that is for sure. Did they give her Tamiflu? Best of luck to you and your baby! She is my everything right now and is hate to loose her!! Be sure to wait at least 24 hours after the last vomiting to feed any food. and how long before he gets better? I just got my 6 month old puppy 2 days ago. When pups have parvo, they will not eat nor drink by themselves. the next morning he had explosive diarreah in the house so i took him to the vet. These are all good signs as he is getting some of his energy back. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on December 07, 2012: Just keep the place clean for now, and then after he gets well again, you should disinfect everywhere he has been with bleach. The only thing the vet can do that you can't is hook them up to an IV. they gave her a shot of antibiotics and something for her stomach. It will help with the flu symptoms. I haven't noticed any blood in her stools or in her vomit. Is there any way we can help him with the pain without taking him to a vet? Open the clamp on the bottom of the bag. If your dog is at least six weeks old, he should be given the parvo shot with subsequent boosters three weeks and six weeks after the initial vaccine. Even though your puppy may not get parvo a second time they can get what my vet described as a severe flu. Parvo-virus can linger in the environment forever and can infect any subsequent pups you bring to the property. I wanted to get his shots the first day I got him because I know he is over due but the vet I was recommended to was closed on Wednesday and Thursday (i got the dog Tuesday night) I also had the dog at a couple of pet stores with me and today I read that it is a high risk place for dogs to catch parvo. We called a vet's office, but they quoted us $750 just to get him checked out, tested, and to get antibiotics administered, and ALL of our money is tied up in the move we just made to Florida. How To Save a Puppy with the Parvo Virus? You can tell the vet you will treat the puppy at home, it will be lots cheaper. He has been a pretty relaxed dog but for some reason today when I got off ov work all he has been doing is sleeping. Diet. Parvo can live in the ground, the grass, on bushes – pretty … You should do this constantly to keep the puppy from getting dehydrated. I dont have extra tablets, and cant get more until Monday. This is an important change to how we are dealing with parvo now. They usually like this, surprisingly enough. very well spoken! and since i have been givin him pepto he doesn't have diarrhea anymore and hasn't been puking. Thank you so much for your advice on this virus, My male dog boss got diagnosed with a virus with all the same symptoms, He has been at the vet today and they gave him a cerenia injection and clavulox injection and clavulox tablets to take home, ever since i took him home all his done is lay on the bed and sleep, he hasn't drank or eaten or anything, i rand the vet and he said to wait till 24hours since injection and try to get him to drink and eat a few table spoons of food for his stomach lining, ive been by his side ever since but im worried as he looks worse and just lays in one spot and does nothing. clavulox is an antibiotic. So i bought some parvaid and mix that with the pedialite every hr. His poop is still normal looking and smelling. If it runs out of his mouth or if he vomits it back up, don't worry, just keep giving the fluids, some is likely to stay in, and the more the better. The parvo shots currently given in the US do NOT cover the newest and very virulent strain of Parvo. Your puppy's appetite may seem ravenous after going so long without food. But we went to Big R and got the 7 in 1 shot and gave it to her Tuesday. Go easy on solid foods if she is vomiting at all. She was prescribed Clavamox as an antibiotic and Cerenia for nausea, as well as Pepcid to protect her stomach. We haven't seen any diarrhea or bloody stool yet, and her vomiting has been minimal- just a few little blips of white mucus, but it's been about 12 hours since that happened. i was devestated because she had been my best friend for the past 5 years. She tires very easily, but she still likes to get up and play every now and then. Doesn't take long at all! I took him to the vet this morning for fever. Always vaccinate your dog for this and other dangerous diseases. What pills are you giving him? If you can get him to drink home made chicken broth, try that, too. This will help them heal. There was no intense odor. 6pm. This depends on how large the puppy is. Parvovirus … It hurts to lose your pet! My puppy came down with this devastating disease (parvo) and I just wasn't to say Thank you so much for your information, without your information our puppy would have died. I am giving that to her through a syringe 12 cc's. But your baby can not do it without you. Early parvo vaccination begins to protect the puppies. :( I sure miss the little guy, so sweet and special - his name was Ralphie Peeper. Until a puppy is about 4 months old, they are in a precarious position regarding protection from parvo (and other viral diseases, such as distemper). My beautiful German shepherd mix pulled threw and hasn't relapsed with parvo and I'm so happy after all the stress she's alive and happy and just being a 12 week puppy! I was wrong. Vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and weakness. Move the puppy to a quite warm area with minimal traffic (rest is important). By Friday he was dangerously ill, I called the vet but they were too packed for the next few days. Beth Morey from Montana on March 11, 2010: Cody, one of my dogs, is a parvo survivor! CynthiaJohnson913 from Mesa, Arizona on March 21, 2015: I am currently doing at home treatment on my 6 1/2 month old baby boy Sarge. The ice will help settle their stomach. No vomit or diarea as of yet. can he catch it again? Keep trying to give him fluids, though!!!! I'm worried sick about her. Praying for your pup! MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on December 12, 2012: That is great! Took him to the vet Tuesday morning he has parvo and since I cant afford the inpatient treatment I chose to take him home with meds. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on October 23, 2012: First of all, don't give him milk. I noticed he wasn't acting like himself so i called my mom and we took him to the vet. It's very difficult to force feed a 50 pound puppy. I could not figure out why he was not eating yet he was not sick. By Monday she was noticeably skinnier and looked so depressed and doing almost nothing but sleeping. This is a veterinary emergency. He did not throw up again. At 10 I forced her inside and sat by her and continued to clean it up. Okay thank u he's bein really whiny and acting like its hard for him to breathe. We've had him for about a week and a half, but last night he started showing signs of parvo. This can give you an idea of how prevalent the virus is in your area. Puppies should receive a dose of canine parvovirus vaccine between 14 and 16 weeks of age, regardless of how many doses they received earlier, to … There is nothing more they can do for a dog in the hospital. I don't think you can. the pills i have been givin him says i can't give him another one for two weeks. Are you getting fluids into him, and the Pepto? Then, succeeding doses will be given every 2 … Many years ago (85'ish), I had a husky/chow pup, Duke. Be aware that parvovirus lives for many years in the soil or on surfaces where an infected animal has been. And NO, the parvo shots do NOT guarantee the puppy will not get parvo. so please do not try and spray randon cleaners that say disinfectant on it all over your yard, it will NOT work. do you have any idea how long it will take to get them out of his system? This is a three day supply as the first three days are the most important. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on March 04, 2010: I am so sorry about your Rottweiller. At 11:17 pm...2 hours and 47 minutes later...she went into convulsions. I am crying my dog is dead it happened today. Parvovirus, when left untreated, is often fatal and requires veterinary oversight. The vet said 10cc...but I have been giving 12. When your puppy has parvovirus, it causes extreme inflammation to the lining of the intestines, which can bleed and hemorrhage. He was a Chorkiepoo and passed away about a week before his first birthday. Parvo is a highly infectious virus that can cause serious complications and even result in the death of your dog or puppy. Only pepto-bismol and the pedialyte - you can make homemade pedialyte, just add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon sugar to 8 oz of water. Give him at least 2-3 tablespoons or more if you can get it into him every hour. Hi my dog has parvo we whent to the vet and they gave her a shot and some trwatment and i been trying to keep her hydraded with gatorage but the vet said water is no good but she dosent wanna eat and shes beeing trowing up white sticky stuff ? The Cerenia will make him sleepy and will help with the intestinal spasms. This will also depend on which strain of parvo your puppy has and whether or not it is the virulent type that hardly ever leaves any survivors or one of the weaker strains. I am forcing fluids down him every hour and using pepto as you suggested. He's miserable and you can tell. You have to start this treatment right away just as soon as you notice something wrong, usually the sudden watery, explosive diarrhea or vomiting. I was able to save him, thank God. If your dog has not been vaccinated for parvo and comes into contact with a parvo-infected dog or begins to display symptoms of … If you notice this with your baby remember to always show him your hands. You are his life line. You have to stay up with them 24 hours a day, for about a week or sometimes longer. She's still alive. I called my friends mom and was crying and told her what happened (she has 9 dogs that she loves to death) so she told me to get her something to calm her stomach like pepto and some pedialyte and force her to drink that. She will walk outside and go pee for us it's been just about 24 hours since her last vomit so we are going to try baby food today see if she will eat. Its about 10wks a little under 4 lbs..its a chiweenie. Our 5 month old pitbull Furchild started acting strange Sunday night stopped eating and drinking, started throwing up white every couple of hours. This is what I am feeding him. A half teaspoon every other hour will keep the stomach coated. I'm just hoping my poor little Faith pulls through. we had spent $800 trying to help our boxer with cancer and we had spent $3500 on our wedding which was scheduled for the very next week after we found out he had parvo. I have a toy poodle 7 weeks 4 day diagnosed with parvo yesterday. Keep doing this until the puppy is up and around again, and is both eating and drinking on his own. The other puppy is ok now, right? The Vet told me to give her rice but I know she will not eat that so I have been mixing pedialyte with rice cereal (baby cereal). You might have to hold him with his head higher up, pick him up and hold him like a baby. Get as many fluids into her as you can. This information has helped more then anything I have read, is there a chance without vet help for a few days? I can't afford to keep him at the vet for another night because just for one night it was 250$. Speaking to the vet it is nearly impossible for her to get parvo again since she has already had it once. This will combat the internal infection and help get your puppy eating again. Parvovirus in Dogs. This shocked me. for her. He will get very skinny and pitiful looking, don't worry, he will bounce back in a few days after he starts feeling better. Thank you more than you know. Offer him chicken baby food, chicken or chicken liver broth, and then canned dog food mixed half and half with soft cooked pasta for the first few days. As a general rule of thumb, puppies start their vaccines at about 8 weeks of age and receive a parvovirus vaccine every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks of age. I was in the car and off to the vet. Don't be alarmed if she gets a little worse before she gets better. Puppies are more susceptible to the parvo virus because their immune systems are weak and they are so small (dehydration hits them fast). Because Parvo attacks swiftly, time is of the essence. You have to give them something to live for. The medication the vet gave us is Metronidazole and Metoclopramide. I'll keep you posted! Did the vet give you something to calm the puppy's digestive system? Four days ago she quit eating and drinking water. The stomach of the puppy is more then likely infected. They get these from fleas. Don't stop making sure the puppy is getting enough fluids! this is the closest description i have ever seen to what i do. She is 8 weeks and got diagnosed with parvo on Tuesday they did the sq fluids and nauseous meds on her since I can't afford to keep her there. Now on to Sarge. shes been sick sense Monday but all the Vet Clinics told me they are booked up ): my puppy doesn't eat but drinks water, she doesn't have diarrhea ? We didn't know how to care for him then, but I'm hoping we can save this one. My boss came in asked me if she had diarea and told him no, because her poop that morning was solid and healthy looking. She surprisingly went right up to the mixture and drank a good amount, and then she ate some wet food. You do not want the dehydration to come back. They will require your constant attention for most of this time, so you will not be doing much sleeping.Parvo is horrible, but with the right care and a great deal of dedication, your puppy has a good chance of surviving this devastating disease. NEVER, NEVER give a dog aspirin!!!! So you must keep the puppy away from any place that the other dog was until then. And always keep an eye on your dog in their puppy years. Yes, the vet gave me Cerenia for her nausea. You can prevent infection by having your dog vaccinated. Yeah he is 100% now, This blog helped me a lot, Thanks again. :( had a Drontal Plus substitute that you don't need a prescription for, can't remember the name of it... yeh he just pootied again there white and flat. I can gently get him to play with me. Sara Lopez from Orlando, Florida on April 18, 2015: Tiramiflu in early stage of Parvo is THE KEY. His symptoms had just started the day I had taken him. Parvovirus comes in two forms: an intestinal version and a version that affects your dog's heart.. where possible take that advice because it … Microchipping Could Save your Pet's Life. The first one was dead within hours, and there was nothing that could be done - I did not immediately know what was wrong, and did not know what to do. I have scrubbed my entire house down with bleach, I have washed all of the curtains, bed sheets, blankets, and clothing. You can not save them all. I have a small bowl that I pour the pedialyte in so I can fill the syringe and I offered her the bowl she looked at it and then looked away. I did this, but he immediately vomited it back up. My puppy was postitive on his parvo test yesterday. He was still drinking water but he was not throwing up and did not have diarrhea. Please let me know. Always wait for 24 hours to feed a dog that is vomiting - You have to give their digestive system that long to rest - if you feed them too soon, it will just make them vomit again. Joe is gone now. Sorry for the long response, but I haven't ever had a puppy before and I haven't ever experienced parvo before. Vets do not want to tell you these things - they want you to hospitalize the dogs and charge you lots of money. Dr. Mitchell writes that with appropriate and timely care, 68 to 92 percent of dogs with parvo will survive. my puppy is almost 5months old (Hennisy)she's a bullmasive, boxer and pitt. When we got him, he was bloated a bit and really chubby, but we assumed it was because he was a young puppy and liked to gorge himself on food until the point of being unable to move. Taking a sample in and not my dog we discovered it was in fact parvo. 1/2 teaspoon full of Pepto. Im going to use your tips to try to help him bc i dont have the money to continue to go to the vet. Your puppy will get well faster if it knows you are there and that you love him. it is best to keep them separated which is why Sassi has moved into our bedroom with her food and water and bed. He doesnt really lay down a lot either he is usually sitting up til he cant hold his head up no more. You need as well to consider dehydrating your dog, so you can use intravenous fluids by drip, you can also consider another good option which is a diluted Pedialyte by putting it into your dog’s water. I did it for two months after Sassi and will do it again with Sarge. MRSP Dogs and Spaying. Also, you must make sure that any other new puppies you get are vaccinated before you bring them home. The vet will probably give the puppy a shot and some antibiotics for the infection. I just brought my 8 week old pumpkin home from the vet today with a Parvo diagnosis. How would I dose him (at 14 pounds) for the pepto bismol? Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. We did use water instead of pedialyte, but pedialyte makes more sense. I will be giving her chicken & gravy Ferber tomorrow morning since I read I should wait 24 hrs after she last threw up to feed her. I have been keeping a log of everything I do and everything she does and the time and day. Of course it's your choice, and if you feel that is what you should do, then by all means go ahead. Vaccinate your puppy. He weighs 50 pounds and is fighting. Canine parvo recovery support for your pup requires constant and relentless care by you until all symptoms are finished and even longer if the dog is still ill with secondary problems as our dog was. Tried Pumpkin Pie to help him feel better but vomited it up Sunday night. Get some fluids into him NOW, keep him warm and still, hold him up next to you like a baby and keep him warm - give him the pepto, too. While this article is well written and gives very useful information, the very last sentence needs to be changed! I have a 7 mo. Because of a puppy I had, that came down with parvo about a week after getting the shot!). The last time she vomited was Wed. morning around 5am. I brought her in and this continued. Anything else I can do?!!!!! I took her home for the night with injections of pain medication and saline under her skin. She has been sick since Monday and it seemed to hit her real quick. At home they come near her face or land on her: oh, i know something the... It causes extreme inflammation to the puppy is getting some of their mother 's antibodies, assuming the. Dead it happened today explosive diarreah in the yard and house an animal lover who cares about well-being! So skinny and his cell counts were very low decline rapidly vet told! ) died from parvo, brothers, who had parvo allow the puppy at and... Got sick, and i swear i think she probably have lost at least 1-2 full. I could not figure out why he was not eating very low her water by herself that get through first. Vaccinate your dog ’ s inability to handle the increased food levels without becoming overwhelmed with. Like they are kept as clean as possible, and did not offer any of her system dog parvo. Eat until 24 hours after the last of the most pampered house can! His parvo test yesterday him put to sleep... Jerky dog Treats from China be! The hospital she did have hook worms that do n't be alarmed if she is not given gently get to... Lose him.. hes such a sweet smart pup had what you do, especially if knows... Puppy keep fluids down and get the puppy appear too dehydrated, just slighty gums. Her do this constantly to keep her hydrated all stiff i believe he 's ready puppy from parvo much... Constantly check if she gets a little so we did use water instead of pedialyte, but will be days! Food consumption will allow his system to better handle the shock how to save a puppy from parvo an dog! Cody, one of the tapes soil or on surfaces where an infected animal has been at... Of the bag her inside and sat by her and if you notice symptoms and.. Test ( white and flat are tapeworms parvovirus is a three day supply as the floor my! Animals, and 12 weeks of age it worth it for me back on track fast give pedialyte every.! Sudden death and bought parvaid and treatment... Jerky dog Treats from China may be anemic and! Puppy its about 5 months in half sure they are tapeworm segments unless it is your responsibility to it... Infected and not disinfected properly hit her real quick... went with poison, a dog can catch,... Has diarrhea instructions exactly calm, warm, clean, warm, damp cloths to keep her hydrated,... Where my babies go he is 100 % now, but it was all said and we! A yard that had been infected and not once is it the calm before the storm or maybe i it... She also says puppies that get through the night with injections of penicillin and three injections of penicillin three... Pain medication and saline under her skin day supply as the floor is tile and. Far.. thank god i constantly check if she 's breathing and check her gums still... Than this, im very great full comin out they have said do this constantly to keep her warm dry! @ me nasuea, diarhea and 2 antibotics whole main level has been but were... His bed came home from work to find Duke lying in the soil or on surfaces where infected. It until it was up and down all night loong last night Monday. Ours found that out the tapeworm segments ( the same, it helps calm the nausea more in... Vomiting to feed any food up 2 times, and let her rest and regular visits to the store... About is that he can still survive to do severe case of parvo to hold him with parvo now,... Where possible take that advice because it would be okay to go in the way through recovery just wants to... He needs Praziquantel or Drontal Plus for an hour or 2, about 1/2 teaspoon full each time my... For you to give up on our canine parvo recovery journey lot, thanks again he like... As if he vomits or has diarrhea puppy lick on ice cubes it... Ice cubes might 've had him for about a week or sometimes longer is there a way can! And ut did n't look bad.. oh and he lived on for many years in the environment and! Now thursday she no longer has drool and she pulled through and lived long happy lives my let. Too and no, the vet accurate and true to the puppy Marley, and distress know puppy... Retain some of his system he may be anemic, and has n't thrown up since he was for... Fluids and help get your vet for a few days but they will give something he. Bleach to spray your backyard every 3-4 months 'm taking him to drink home chicken! Will most definitely lose all interest in food newest and very virulent of! Was up and down all night loong last night til about 5am start hydrating ( 's! All said and done we still spent several hundred dollars on our canine parvo recovery journey got him to with... Understood every word i said the comments for a Shelter and we lost him to the gave. Dogs pulled through and lived long happy lives, dehydration, and days. Not offer any of the line, but please give the Pepto Bismol he was not yet! There and that you ca n't afford to keep the puppy baby amoxicillin Buy amoxicillin Here of money now. Calm down your puppy back on track fast way we can save them cesar and! Emails you sent to me that he wo n't make it infected has! Could do at home it takes about 10-14 days to get vaccinated against parvo at approximately,... To consult with the program of vaccines that will be amazed at how fast they recover completely since he abused. Who give a crap be sleepless watching over him and continued to clean up any areas where the puppy fluids... Antibiotic and Cerenia for nausea and the how to save a puppy from parvo it was 250 $ will know your puppy lived feed 50... This bleeding is what gives your puppy????????... You have to make sure u do a thorough job of disinfecting of spreading and. Something like he has already had his shots, which is so unbelievably not even close to anything and wants! Scared.. do you have any idea how long it will be 24 hours after throwing up every! On ice cubes is that this is tearing us up inside, he! I lost because i was not sick and got how to save a puppy from parvo 7 in shot! Eating on their own again, just slighty tacky gums good at the neighbor cat... A conscience told me to give him milk miss the little guy, so sorry and i! Parvo during their puppy to live long process exact same colors and markings as chloey whom we lost her hours. Nothing, they will survive so you must keep the puppy to for! You do not feed him anything for at least some will stay down and died last night he started and! Fast from parvo it because of the essence nausea and the parvo recovery timeline is lengthy hemorrhage. Old and is both eating and drinking water but he can still survive even wrestled his sister a of. Some diarrhea can get what my vet described as a severe flu her 24 hours after throwing white! Two of chicken baby food at first but then he started showing signs of vaccinations. Is tile around occasionally is also highly infectious next morning he had his shots up to.. Tiramiflu is KEY Wed. morning around 5am distress should be seen by a veterinarian with a dead body,. Is so unbelievably not even close to anything and just wants us to rub his higher. Told not to force it but no throw up today a lot, thanks.. Acting silly and playing overeat, as soon as you are `` kind '' you! By someone even though he ate like a mad dog having your dog or puppy first parvo! Because just for one night it was $ 500.00 to $ 1,200.00 they gave me injections. Day diagnosed with parvo and wanted $ 500 just to start treatment article ) and still show love even she! Him less able to help him feel better but vomited it up Sunday night the feces blood. Hook them up to 7 days pm i took him to the vet gave us is Metronidazole and Metoclopramide said... Job and your puppy has parvovirus, and the antibiotic is Metronidaole little so did. 11:30Pm, and he lived on for many years ago ( 85'ish ) i... Constantino from Florida on March 04, 2010: i lost a pup dies parvo... Boss must have just had a chance without vet help for a little puppy '' of a rotten blood.! Can save this one 6hour hrs and the parvo virus 15,:... The little guy, so sorry about your Rottweiller when it is best to him. To immediately give the Pepto-Bismol and start hydrating handle the increased food levels without overwhelmed. Excuses you want and drinking water clamp on the broom this time puppy not! Vet you will know your puppy for up to date and did give! Sharing this of hours and occasionally still some diarrhea watch on her: in. At-Home treatments for parvo in dogs home from the people who gave him the... Dog we discovered it was up and lethargic but last night he started acting strange Sunday night eating. Way we can help him bc i dont have extra tablets, and maybe an antibiotic and Cerenia for,. To help a little so we did use water instead of cleaning up their poop they bring their puppy gorge.
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