6 years old. I don't know if Parasound is going to bring out a JC1 replacement, they have been on a bit of an upgrade tear recently, but if they do, I would expect it to be at least as good as 1 JC5 and would be curious to see how it would sound compared to two JC5s. Please provide a valid price range. It also has a lower gain circuit approx 28-29 db than the XPA-1. PARASOUND P6 Pre Amplifier. You would get tons of information on the EXACT combination of your loudspeaker and Parasound A21 combo. Yesterday and earlier today I told a couple of my friends that I ordered the JC1+, but I just told the dealer to hold off. Parasound's Halo JC 5 distills the essence of two Halo JC 1 monoblocks into a single-chassis stereo amp with outstanding sound quality, power, and value. I was advised that replacing the LED would not void the warranty or cause problems, but the entire face plate would have to be dismantled and I should send the amps back to Parasound or to an authorized service center to have the LED's replaced. "Parasound has long been admired for their preamplifiers and power amplifiers. Dear geeks, any suggestions on a good replacement binding post product, I will need a total of 8 (4 red, 4 black). Here is an awesome pair of mono block power amplifiers from Parasound - the JC1. i'm looking at upgrading my amp which is a NAD C320BEE. Just like the old JC1's, the mains can be changed 115v to 230v easily by the owner via the three switches. The standard ones are crappola. Parasound has a great rep and is as you say "old school". Category. 1 mono pair. I went with Emotiva because the equivalent amps I expected to get had increased so much in cost since I last was in the market. In black or silver finish, the Halo JC 1+ will be available from authorized Parasound dealers in Q1 2020, with a U.S. retail price of $8,495 each. The JC 5 is a 400-watt per channel stereo amplifier designed by John Curl that combines design elements of two top-of-the-line Halo JC 1 monoblock power amplifiers into a single chassis the same size as one JC 1. The JC 1+ monoblock power amplifier is their latest achievement, and it truly is an achievement to the highest degree. Excellent condition. Related: parasound a52 parasound a31 parasound a21 parasound amplifier parasound halo a51 emotiva parasound 2205 parasound jc1 parasound 5250. Amplifier sale includes (10) Synergistic Research BLACK fuses, installed and original factory fuses. An additional $1500 retail value. Parasound/Halo amps rated at 220 wpc or higher are better than the others. The parasound jc1 does perform better than its rated according to some stereophile measurements. 5 fuses/amplier. The Halo JC 5 stereo amplifier is profoundly powerful and supremely musical. Compare ()Home; Trademarks; OFFERS. Price. The Parasound P6 Pre Amplifier is an evolution of the highly successful P5 Pre Amplifier. i'm considering NAD C272/C162 or Parasound A23/P3 or possibly the NAD C372. 2 channel system: Roon Labs Nucleus+ server, EERA Majestuoso II DAC, Technics 1200GLE TT, Dynavector XX2mkII cartridge, Klyne phono stage, Primaluna EVO 400 preamp, Parasound JC1+ mono amps, Hegel C53 amp, Scaena 3.2 loudspeakers, Supra Excalibur cables, PS Audio P20 power regenerator, Artnovion room treatment Silver color. When Parasound embarked on the Halo integrated amplifier project back in 2011 they had to re-think w.. £3,799.00. If I need to solder, is there a recommended solder or will any good quality product do (I can solder). Pair of JC1 in excellent condition. I think the 625 S2 is neutral, revealing what's on the recording. "Parasound's Halo amps get my complete standing ovation. Forrest: Win10 i9 9900KS/GTX1060 HQPlayer 4>Win10 NAA. It has enough power (450 watts RMS into 8 Ohms) to drive any speaker, and the parts quality is a … Good luck. Re: Amazing modded Parasound JC-1 monoblocks for sale « Reply #2 on: 9 Mar 2016, 05:27 am » I had a pair of these amps and wholeheartedly agree with Steve's description of these amps. Search for "Club Halo Parasound" on Google and the first link will be a Parasound forum. Used gently. Excellent condition. Parasound, based out of San Francisco, was founded by a former audio retailer Richard Schram. Consumer Electronics. hi - i'd like your input with regard to a possible purchase. The 806 should sound close to the 1205A 125x5, 800II 100x2, and 1500A 205x2. When I returned the first JC5 I told Parasound that I hated them because they had made my already very nice system sound pale and lifeless by comparison to the JC5. Needless to say John Curl achieved just that. lutron learn from home, Lutron wall plates, dimmers, controls, and automated window treatments come in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics to coordinate with your rooms aesthetic. Well Parasound love a challenge and gave John Curl the task of distilling the essence of two JC1 mono blocks (Stereophile 2003 Amplifier of the Year) into a single chassis stereo amplifier with a more attractive price. Parasound JC-1 power amplifiers. They were designed by John Curl and have a power output of 400 watts per channel. Technically speaking, the 2100/2125 combo is a solid performer. 1 mono pair. Tons of the folks there are using the Halo amplifiers to power their Maggies. Parasound A51 is $1500 - 4000 less, has 40% more 8 ohm power, won a higher value rating & is the amp the reviewer purchased. Sticker shock, and a lot of good reviews online and from friends with their amps, led me to Emotiva. We were recently approached by Parasound regarding their new $5,995 Halo JC 5 stereo amplifier. Parasound HCA 2200 powerful high current power amplifier John Curl design. I'm not sure if it is a truly balanced design though. The John Curl designed A21 was in the Parasound line from 2003-2018 so I knew it was a very stable product with many sterling reviews!! This wasn’t, by any means, inexpensive and given their history of building high performance-to-price equipment – we were very intrigued. I would recommend getting another JC1 since the other is already there but without a partner. Parasound JC1. The amplifier is rated at 200 watts per channel with no more than 0.05 % THD and a damping factor of 1000. Parasound Halo HINT 6 Integrated Amplifier . 2 channel system: Roon Labs Nucleus+ server, EERA Majestuoso II DAC, Technics 1200GLE TT, Dynavector XX2mkII cartridge, Klyne phono stage, Primaluna EVO 400 preamp, Parasound JC1+ mono amps, Hegel C53 amp, Scaena 3.2 loudspeakers, Supra Excalibur cables, PS Audio P20 power regenerator, Artnovion room treatment With options ranging from traditional to contemporary, Lutron has a look that complements the design of your space. TV, Video & Home Audio; Condition. Selected category All. DSD>Pavel's DSC2.6>Bent Audio TAP> Parasound JC1>"Naked" Quad ESL63/Tannoy PS350B subs<100Hz I still think the JC1+ is on the dark side of neutral. So look out for used cheap ones on the US … I'm sure it's possible to build a quieter preamplifier/amplifier (Parasound also makes the $11,000 JC2/JC1/JC1), but I'm not sure the improvement would be audible. Authorized Parasound Dealers are listed at www.parasound.com or you can call 415-397-7100 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Pacific time. Five years in development, the new JC1+ monoblock amplifier is the ultimate achievement of Parasound and legendary designer John Curl The origin of the JC 1+ An audio historian could make a persuasive case that our new Parasound Halo JC 1+ is the most ambitious and extraordinary achievement since I established the Parasound brand in September 1981. Aesthetically, Parasound says the front panel not only matches the updated Halo family appearance, but also complements “the inner beauty” of the JC1+. You should return it to your dealer immediately for replacement … Add to Compare. A missing or tampered serial number could indicate that this unit was stolen or sold by an unauthorized dealer. But first, I contacted Parasound to ask if replacing the stock LED's with brighter ones would void the warranty or cause any other unforeseen problems. The big 2200II and 3500 are the best classic Parasound amps....IMO, only behind the Halo JC1 monos and the A21 (replacement of 2200II). Parasound JC-1 power amplifiers. If the amp was in that maybe a truck drove over it. Promotions; Settlement; Demo & Outlet; Second hand; HIGH FIDELITY Download Parasound HALO-JC1 Amplifier Audio equipment,digital audio, home audio, professional audio systems service manuals and repair information Include description. Parasound JC1 Monoblock Power Amplifiers - John Curl - 400 Watts/CH - Audiophile. JC1 left my jaw on the floor; A51 proved to be a superb complement with music & … The replacement for the Halo A21 is the aptly named A21+ and features improved specs across the board with nearly identical circuit topology. Choice Audio, Inc., White Bear Lake, MN 55110 651-217-2083 james@choiceaudio.com Conservative 8. (I bought it through Audiogon after the first owner changed his mind in the first week of delivery). The Parasound HALO A52+ is a new addition for 2018 to the HALO multi-channel stable.The Parasound A .. £4,149.00. based on most comments i've read the amp/pre-amp … I think the 625 S2 treble is slightly more extended. Parasound JC1 for sale. The Parasound double box system is some of the best in the business short of crating. One of the units is brand new that was a warranty replacement. Good luck with your decision. New (2) Items (2) see all. Parasound has introduced a more-affordable John Curl-designed phono preamplifier for a new generation of analog LP and turntable enthusiasts.The new Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. stereo phono preamplifier is about half the price of the company's $2,995 premium dual-mono Halo JC 3+, which is widely acknowledged as one of the world's best phono stage preamplifiers.

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