— Gloucestershire (12) — Shetland Islands (0) Search Email. Access to the Association Pet Dog Trainers Students’ Library is included in the course fee, you just have to pay postage to return the books. Domatravel.com Doma Travel With the holidays right around the corner, do you have all of your holiday travel plans in order? I absolutely loved all of it!”, “The subject matter; the challenge; the mix of theory and practice; the support; the creation of a safe space where I felt I could ask questions; learning new concepts and being challenged to consider their application.”, “All Tutors were lovely – huge amount of knowledge and expertise and absolutely no judgement from anyone and I was instantly made to feel comfortable to ask questions”. — Somerset (17) — Dumfries-shire (2) — Bedfordshire (5) — South Yorkshire (5) — Norfolk (12) })(); — Perthshire (1) — Peebles-shire (0) $(DRTS).on("clonefield.sabai", function(e, data) { Teaching people to train their dogs using kind, fair and effective methods DRTS.Form.field.select($(this)); — Northumberland (5) — Kinross-shire (1) — Staffordshire (5) A dog training instructors course held by APDT in Northampton, UK. — Blaenau Gwent (1) (also how quickly information was shared onto the Facebook group so you could look at things in breaks“, “I found each talk fascinating and informative and I learnt a lot”, “I liked all the tutors and found them approachable, extremely knowledgeable and helpful”, (function(){var ml="tad4n0ockif.%pu",mi="94:6<351=20;76;>8",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j