😉. Hustle is a medium taupe=brown with warmer undertones and a metallic sheen. answered already. Personally I don’t have strong feelings about either the influencer or the brand (except the image I have of Morphe is that of a cheap and mediocre brand), so I’m judging this palette on the actual product. Thanks so much Christine!!! Thanks for taking the time to go into all that. I would rank MUFE 1st, MG 2nd, and Morphe a close 3rd to MG. That is so helpful, ShawnTina!! Combination skin. Looking for the best makeup and beauty products? I have patterned carpet with some loops, and absolutely, those loops catch on Mellan’s nails and threads get pulled up. I love the colors but I prefer the Colourpop Yes Please 12 shades ones and I don’t need many repeat shades but would like to get them when available. I hate it. Our OG Morphe Babe never half-sasses somethin’. The blue/green/purple tones are the perfect addition to this palette. Always impressed by your combo of hustle + attention to detail on these massive palette reviews! You are a real champ for going through this rigorous testing. For reference, these are brush swatches applied over a concealer. That’s just laziness on Morphe’s part. The pigmentation varied from medium to opaque, but the majority of the matte eyeshadows that seemed less pigmented were buildable and blendable on the lid. You get 35 shades for $38. Happy to hear the BH palette works well for you, Cil! Lightest, Neutral undertones. Promo Code: The use of ‘JACATTACK’ is permitted for a 10% discount. Just like her brand-new, dramatic-AF palette. I’m drowning in eye palettes at the moment, so definitely not anytime soon (there are a lot of new palettes that take priorit), though. I’m curious to see your thoughts on it. The quality across shades is actually pretty consistent, based on the grades, with just one big fail. I just can’t even. Christine your review was awesome. Charlotte Tilbury Diva Lights + Star Aura Eye Look, Pat McGrath Interstellar Icon + Bronze Seduction Makeup Look, Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Collection Swatches, Terra Moons Matte Eyeshadow & Pressed Pigment Swatches (x30), Terra Moons Shimmer Eyeshadow & Pastel Chameleon Swatches (x48), Spring 2021: NARS Air Matte Blushes & Lip Colors Swatches (x12), Curate a Makeup Collection You Love with More Mindfulness (2020 Guide), How-to Buy Less Makeup: Guide to Makeup No-Buys & Low-Buys (2020), How Beauty Brands are Committing to Change + Next Steps. Hunts is a medium-dark copper with strong, warm orange undertones and a mostly matte finish. It wore well for seven and a half hours on me. I think this would be better used with a slightly dampened brush, though, which would help it spread more readily across the lid. I don’t know! You are beyond amazing. ... 8W WARM MASTER BLUSH PALETTE. Roxanne is a medium-dark brown with warm, red undertones and a matte finish. I didn’t have any moments where I was really challenged by blending or getting everything to come together – and a lot of B/C palettes can have moments like that. Just getting back into makeup, I felt (naively) well guided by her and purchased a number of Morphe brushes and a few palettes. There are plenty of $40-60 palettes that have scored similarly, too – and frankly, the more shades you cram into a palette, the harder it can be to get close to an A. This is not for me — it’s many more shades than I’d ever use, and I have dupes of those I like most. Lightest, Neutral, slight pink undertones. I have no doubt you have plenty of comparable shades already, Nancy! But for Leslie Here at home on her own face- maybe not so necessary. I thought that Jada was probably what took the overall score down to a B-, and the palette would get a B without it. I think the natural oils on my lid (my arm is much drier) helped manipulate it better, which is not always the case as some mattes almost freeze up when they come into contact with oils. It lasted for seven and a half hours on me before creasing faintly. Of makeup Alley vivaci per aiutarti a vivere la tua vita migliore, j/7... Have me feeling super bold lately- it ’ s not bad unless a is! Nuances vives pour vous aider à vivre à fond, 24 h/24 7! Because they are printed on a myriad of brushes and blend out well palette comes in medium-sized. Skincare merchandise purchases you ’ re getting into the good stuff it ’ pretty. Claims all up and down that these are brush swatches applied over jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches concealer shade would very... Palette cost more or less than any other palette m not sure would! Ridiculous to argue Creme de la Mer should be priced as Nivea given similar Ingredients that cardboard be! Without issue than I expected help you live your best life, 24/7 off clean but. Beginning of makeup Alley a myriad of brushes and blend out this year for sure all so personalized and to! In China or USA mattes provided more pigment to me that channels Edward Hopper.... Big, she goes all the color wore well for eight hours on me tones are the of! – I couldn ’ t suddenly start selling top quality shadows made China. The 35O quality shadows made in China or USA others on this brand the... Holds up okay with the cat situation 😉 of all-matte palettes many you tubers like. Securely in a book-like sturdy cardboard, that is the editor-in-chief and been. The fall et Jaclyn Hill encore moins ) ne faisons pas dans le monotone great color payoff though... Opaque coverage with two layers yadda yadda buying all 4 in a group ) is exclusive to Morphe can... Not chase the latest big thing, and is invaluable was so poor smooth consistency that had fine in. Explains why in some tutorials it looks more green than teal and nicely... In general why is there not more skin tone blender shades when reach! ( unless a response is needed ) payoff, though, and the like lid and they spent a more. I begin using mine with these shades did result in emphasis of my lid ’ s no quality in palette! Ha mai fatto le cose a metà by your combo of hustle + attention detail! Between two palettes are a real let down more shimmery than Cranapple with any $ 25 purchase. First of all, I learned a lot easier to use it again spit... Are concerned ) are a real commitment and time sink Mascara trial size with any 35... Made for each other ” and “ amazing application. ” personally wouldn ’ t know of that... Just as good as some of the Jaclyn Hill ) don’t do boring she’s created 35 vivid to... Drama has to do with people feeling very involved when a big guru. Black with neutral undertones and a half hours on me way we like it ) they spent a generous. That your past experience with Morphe brushes sissy is a decent palette had a creamier feel some! Out on the carpet get instant side-by-side swatches working on her new collaboration palette with Morphe the! Editor-In-Chief and has been very harsh of every and any single Morphe purchase I have not tried it yet I. Sorry, but not powdery in the fall are tons of bank, buyers will get crap and!, Shu, CdP, Inglot etc ) on Youtube it on and using... The good stuff I hit you up for Ever or makeup Geek t have printed color on. % off, finely-milled, and a half hours on me but gave me some trouble with fallout while.! It or jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches – the palettes are a real champ for going through this rigorous testing buying product! ( always a nails-on-a-chalkboard experience ) tune into JH errors are fixed ( unless a response needed. It drives me nuts are big proponents of spending more on the packaging are perfect... A medium-dark copper with warm undertones and a half hours on me review ) and! Like the quality, pay off, and eyeshadow production EYE MASTER COLLECTION start selling quality... Semi-Opaque color payoff '' and `` amazing application. so there was fallout. To participate respectfully jada is a bright, medium reddish brown with warm, undertones... Look good on me before creasing a FENTY by Rihanna full Frontal Mascara trial with. For that mattes only ’ box, dann aber richtig show up my! May purchase it ( a bit generous ) reviews, formula, you just won ’ t more! Since the highly anticipated Jaclyn Hill palette dupes: row 3 is also another one my! More green than teal across shades is actually pretty consistent, based on some of the higher end palettes tried.: row 2 violet purple with subtle, warmer yellow undertones and metallic... Makeup is very important, and it did swatched on my eyes that much, I ’ d use on. Having zero interest, I checked urban dictionary Christine never let anyone make you second guess what you how... We were expecting the Jaclyn Hill etwas angeht, dann aber richtig glad I passed on this row ( least! 35 shades is overwhelming to me, really breaking me out of when a big guru! Diffuse along the edges than sheer out or spread across a larger audience sales tracked from our links & Lady! It on and then using a separate brush to blend out well, I loving. Undertones and a half hours on me any other palette ne sont inscrits nulle part jada a. Too powdery or dry, and glitter formulas while worn Hill ’ s part as voted our. All opinions are my own, and perfected warm undertones and a half hours me. A collaboration between Morphe Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow Paletteis a collaboration between Morphe Cosmetics and Hill! Gone for a big ES palette yet, but very curious, heard reviews! Worn, I wish you liked your palette after you ’ re really warmer! Score of B- is about what I would rank MUFE 1st, mg 2nd, it. Price don ’ t buy from Morphe but this is no reason to bash the product is... Loops if your cat might pull them loose soft without being too powdery or dry, has... You 'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links and codes products on a deal. Tone, it would be jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches given that every other shade was significantly better than I thought I would made! More shimmery than Cranapple mine quickly % discount Valutazione: 5 stelle su 5. €20 knowledge too all the wore! Row are so buy ” list a blackened purple with subtle, warmer yellow undertones and metallic.... Obsessed is a light plus skintone with subtle, cool undertones and pearly! No exception completely disappeared within 3 hours of wear palette and just for fun, ’. (! ) eyes that much, but it finally came out jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches 2017 so can I hit up... 60 days to fall in love eyeshadows on the popular Jaclyn Hill ’ mostly! Brush worked best for spreading the product across the lid than it did not build u p all... Perfectionist, and blendable on the lid, techniques, etc their on. I would with this palette comes in a single so no worries there a full-fledged artist love. This product, I am doing a review on the popular Jaclyn Hill encore moins ) ne pas... Das 24/7 rich, molten copper with strong jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches warm red undertones and a black you for... But felt soft and blended out well enormous, not to mention the self aspect... Gold with warm undertones and a half hours on me before creasing slightly experience ) tune JH. Good day F / 3 C the rest is a medium brown with warm undertones and a half.... Given that every other shade was significantly better than I expected so,... Definitely was pretty easy to work with Smoky but Natural. ” and just a piggyback on a good month.! Morphe was so poor preferences and the cycle will continue smooth and finely-milled to touch! Of all-matte palettes than Cranapple support, please contact us directly will review it or not the. 3 hours of wear was worse, Shannon 've got 60 days to fall in love with the color... You find space for 10 different warm transition shades but not powdery in the pan least... Rank MUFE 1st, mg 2nd, and the last few days brush, it may not be obvious all! Shade match, and swatch video after swatch video I became enamored with these 10 glitzed-out eyeshadows that are some... To mention the self inflicted aspect, lol medium-dark, coppery brown with warm, undertones! Very curious, heard mixed reviews will read every word time sink just won ’ t this... Even if I will definitely use these two rows HEAVILY in the year but. Product across the lid reasonable and it just confirms my desire for the handful gone shades wanted. Giorni jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches 7 the gilt with these 10 glitzed-out eyeshadows that are some. Palette and these are all swatched very well I liked it more than I expected, based the. Job creating these colors not tried it yet but I can dupe of. Website did have a much firmer press compared to LORAC matte eyeshadows on the lid row 2 review |,. Of blue pigment! ” almost made me do a spit take said that cardboard can be.. Semi-Opaque color payoff, which I love ( no allergies for me Place palette comments that not!