You can see people, walking in the street. Processing Explain how features of set production impact on the audiences appreciation of Emancipation of Expressionism 3. You should be able to complete these for ALL 6 of the set anthology works. Students must be able to critically analyse, evaluate and identify similarities and differences and explain and justify their own opinions with reasoning. Infra by Wayne McGregor. We realise most GCSE Dance students choose dance for the practical rather than theoretical focus. This abstract ballet delved beneath the surface to present a moving mediation on human interactions. • Remind them that practical ... ANTHOLOGY THEORY CHECKLIST Dance Work Dance Company Choreographer Company. See my other files for matching booklets for all 5 dance works. Artificial Things 1 Artificial Things 2. We will be discussing the professional work and your responses on Microsoft Teams. Dance Quiz. Click on the link below to take you to a taster of all the anthology works we will be studying. We are delighted to announce that our GCSE Dance Guide to Infra is now available on auto download at a reduced price. 2) Watch the ‘Infra’ professional dance work video, (found on the AQA GCSE Dance Anthology resource link on class -charts). Child Development key terms - Component 1. Working with British artist Julian Opie to stage the work, Infra premiered in 2008 and was dedicated to Monica Mason in celebration of her 50th season with The Royal Ballet. Itzik … Dance Company. Linha. That’s correct! Performing Arts at St. John's. What company performs 'Infra… I first met with Lucy in spring 2016 to discuss writing a guide to scene 3 of ''Artificial Things'' for the new GCSE Dance specification. 15 terms. GCSE-DANCE-ANTHOLOGY---Infra-Study-booklet. Remembering the order of actions accurately. Naming / Identification Choreographers and … Wayne McGregor. Complete the questions set on Infra-Wayne McGregor using the resources that have been provided. Physical and Expressive Skills. Date of first performance Dance style. GCSE Dance 2016+ GCSE Dance: Anthology. We are happy to split the day across two groups, either both GCSE groups or one GCSE and one other workshop tailored to the needs of a group of your choice. MrBillinghamPE. AQA GCSE Dance (8236) Revision Guide . Super user-friendly, this click and go resource gives you a wealth of information and activities to immerse your students in this beautiful work. Infra is about seeing below the surface of things. Loading... Save for later. Post Modern Dance. Stimulus. ArtsPool's Director Heather Worall talks about the journey to shape "Artificial Things" into an educational resource. Clear, well-structured exams, accessible for all. Particular emphasis is to support teachers in the delivery of GCSE:Dance since this piece is a set work on the AQA GCSE Dance Specification (2016). Performing Arts at St. John's. Choreographic approach. Lucy Bennett. A student work booklet covering the key facts, motif, aural setting, costume, lighting and set design. 2 Title Infra Choreographer Company Premiere Date Premiere Venue Dancers Duration Structure Dance Style Choreographic Approach Choreographic Intention Stimulus . It includes information about the artistic collaborators, 17 terms. GCSE Dance Anthology – Aural Setting. Preview and details Files included (1) docx, 660 KB. 77 terms. £3.00. Itzik Galili. 22 terms. Info. Get them to print or save it to aid revision. 28 April 2015. GCSE Dance Anthology; Fact file; Fact file. Lighting plays an integral role, and his interest in the medium led him to design the lighting for most of his works. The study of the anthology of professional works will develop their ability to critically appraise professional dance work s and provide a springboard for engaging in practical tasks. Hide Show resource information. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... GCSE Dance set works. GCSE Dance Anthology: A Linha Curva. Emancipation of Expressionism Quick Quiz. mei0010. GCSE Dance: Infra. Dance; Infra Dance Anthology; GCSE; AQA; Created by: ccoatesx; Created on: 02-04-18 14:45; Who is the choreographer? Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation, a charitable company limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales (Company number 480523) Charity Registered (Number 211775) You will study 6 professional works from the GCSE Dance Anthology: Dance Work. Applying Apply knowledge and understanding to Section C (Dance Anthology questions) Plenary White boards – Quick 5 Marking Opportunity: Peer assessment, section analysis, comparison (with He wanted to help the Audience in watching the complex structure, he purposefully left open the full visual field by Julian opie so the audience could make their own selections. Dance Practical Work. The photo above shows the Royal Ballet performing 'Infra', choreographed by Wayne McGregor. Read more. 0 ... Year 11 Dance Mind Map on Infra, created by Lois Kennerley on 19/10/2017. 1 of 28. Itzik Galili has built a body of more than 70 works showing a pioneering diversity. By continuing to use our site we assume that you agree to our terms and conditions. GCSE DANCE ANTHOLOGY Infra Wayne McGregor The Royal Ballet. A really exciting mix of dance! A Note from the Author… As a dancer in Boy Blue since 2014, I have endeavoured to feed my detailed experience and knowledge of working as a company dancer and teacher into this pack. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. A Linha Curva GCSE Dance (8236) Anthology fact file. Dance GCSE dance info. GCSE Dance: Choreography. A . GCSE Dance: Emancipation of Expressionism. It may be beneficial for schools with smaller cohorts to consider collaborating with other groups in the same area to make up a full workshop to enable more pupils to experience the insight into the work. GCSE Dance focuses on the aesthetic and artistic qualities of dance and the use of movement to express and communicate ideas and concepts through the interrelated processes of performance, choreography and appreciation. 4.5 / 5. Take a look at our interactive learning Mind Map about Infra, or create your own Mind Map using our free cloud based Mind Map maker. The piece is about inferences, particular types of relationships and reactions. See Full Gallery. Emancipation of Expressionism, Artificial Things, Infra. Wayne McGregor. GCSE Dance Anthology; Fact file; Fact file. Infra, coming from the Latin word for 'below', presented a portrait of life beneath the surface of the city. 1) Read the ‘Infra’ fact-file (ff) (attached as a resource on class -charts) & highlight the key facts. 3) Read the ‘Infra’ interview transcript with the professional choreographer Wayne Ballet music, but not as we knew it: Inside the sonic world of Max Richter. Live Lesson 4 Dance Answers. Tamara Lancaster. This is a resource created by teachers as a revision and resource tool only and is not affiliated with the AQA, associate artists or dance companies. 29 March 2016. The Royal Ballet’s Infra (2008) choreographed by Wayne McGregor is one of the six new works selected for the AQA GCSE Dance Anthology. How the body is held when sitting, lying down etc. Remember: Relationships are an integral part of every group dance performance. Infra is about people and the choreography has found a pedestrian language which is recognisably human. Infra 1 Infra 2. Knowing where you are facing, the direction of the action and its size, level and shape. GCSE Dance @ SAA 2. One lesson a week will be dedicated to practical work/body conditioning to keep on top of your fitness. landinrosalie. YOUNG_Amy. Infra Fact File.pdf Infra Interview Transcript.pdf Quite literally, below Julian Opie’s design. GCSE Dance Revision. Choreographer. Dance. Phoenix Dance Theatre. GCSE Dance (8236) Anthology fact file . Choreographer . This resource is a music file that I created using audio clips from the 6 professional works from the dance anthology. GCSE Dance ‘SHADOWS’ Student Name: Dance Class/Teacher: Anthology 5 Student Workbook Choreographer: Date of Premiere: Dance Company: Stimulus/Starting Point: Fact File … Dance- Shadows. The course is 60% practical and 40% theoretical and pupils study six professional works as part of a dance anthology. GCSE Dance anthology.’ ‘Through written communication and use of appropriate terminology, students must be able to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate their own work in performance and choreography and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of professional practice in the six set works in the GCSE Dance anthology.’ GCSE Dance: Performance in and Duet and Trio. GCSE DANCE REVISION ADVICE 2019 - 2020 ... fact file and interview transcript linked to it which can be found on the Learning Portal. This website uses cookies to enhance your experience. This resource pack aims to give teachers and students an insight into the work and the creative processes behind it. • Fact file for each anthology work • Revision poster for each anthology work • Interview transcript for each anthology work • Section C: Preparing for the 12 mark questions handout • Anthology video links (see last page) – a document with the video links for all of the anthology … The Royal Ballet. Stopgap Dance Company. Home > GCSE study tools > Dance > Infra by Wayne McGregor. 10 terms. I have used the megamix within 2 of my uploaded resources (KS4 GCSE Dance Infra and Y9 GCSE Dance Taster Anthology). Royal Ballet Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor’s one-act ballet will become part of the GCSE curriculum. Ok Read more Read more Which of the following describes posture? Infra. Curva. GCSE Dance: Within Her Eyes. Rambert Dance Company. relating to the GCSE Dance Anthology. Artificial Things. Beth_284. See Full Gallery. Infra is about people and the choreography has found a pedestrian language which is recognizably human. GCSE Dance - Infra. The clips have been mixed together to create an anthology megamix. Shadows. The GCSE journey of Artificial Things. ABOUT DANCEBIBLE Dancebible is a free resource for AQA GCSE Dance students who are in their first and final year of study. ... Nutcracker Fact File. INFRA Live 1 INFRA Live 2. Choreographer. GCSE Dance: Performance of Set Phrases. About this resource. Wayne McGregor’s Infra to be included in GCSE Dance. 15 terms. GCSE Dance: Shadows. GCSE Dance: Artificial Things.